thread crochet pattern

Make a classic table runner or dresser scarf for your music room with this lovely pattern originally designed by Nouvart Tashjian.

Originally designed as a protective, decorative cover for the back of a chair, this dragon design would make a wonderful lace curtain for today’s home. Originally designed by Mrs. G.

This design shows off how filet crochet adapts wonderfully to pictorial representations. Originally written by an unknown designer in 1927 for the back of a chair, Two Peacocks Lace would make a lovely lace curtain or wall hanging for today’s home.

Originally designed by Blanche Kendall-Job in 1927, Beverly Lace and Insertion is a very simple and attractive Art Deco design, with symbolic representations of flowers and leaves. It’s suitable for many purposes, and the lace edging and insertion may be used separately or in combination.

Originally designed in 1927 by Miss Dick Mountford as a decorative/protective cover for a chair back or a scarf end, this pattern would make a beautiful curtain for today’s home.


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