August 2014

When crocheting lace on hemmed edges of fabric, like pillow-slips or petticoats, try sewing rick rack on the underside of the hem, letting the points extend below the hem just far enough to catch your hook in, instead of working directly in the fabric.

The Kindle version of the Grape & Leaf Altar Lace crochet pattern will be free from Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - Sunday August 24, 2014.

A Greek Key and natural scallops enhance the morning glories in this wide lace edge, originally designed by M. Pintner in 1927. The scallops are made as you go with easy increases and decreases, with no need for an additional edge.

This design is very attractive and versatile. In fine thread, the lace and insertion will be a very pretty trim for skirts, slips or other similar garments, and a yoke is easily arranged to match. Heavier thread makes a handsome stripe, with lace border, for a bedspread.