Designed in 1922 by Ida C. Farr, this filet crochet pattern has instructions for an alternative foundation row.

Rose leaves decorate the edges of this scarf end pattern, and an oval medallion in the center makes it unique. You can use this pattern to beautify the end of a table runner or dresser scarf, or leave the top oval off for a pretty valance. Designed in 1925 by Olive F.

Let your creativity shine with this reversible butterfly motif and two matching borders. Designed by Cecily Palmer and Eveline D. Johnson in 1940, you can use this pattern to make a bedspread, tablecloth, or curtains.

Keep track of your tatting projects with this lovely paperback journal that you can use in several ways.

Use this handy Cello Music Lesson Journal to set goals for learning the cello each week and keep track of progress. Goal-setting helps form good habits that make learning seem easy and natural.


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