Cello Music Lesson Journal

Use this handy Cello Music Lesson Journal to set goals for learning the cello each week and keep track of progress. Goal-setting helps form good habits that make learning seem easy and natural.

Violincello teachers can use this stylish private lesson journal to help students stay on task with progressive goals, specific music assignments, and practice tracking. Violincello students can use the pages to make a habit of practice on the cello.

  • Set goals and challenges for the week
  • Document the scales, exercises, and solos that are a vital part of learning the cello
  • Set required practice time and check the results
  • Use the included staff paper for music theory exercises
  • Jot down musical ideas on included music staff paper

You also get:

  • A space for motivational stickers on each page
  • Enough pages for one year of cello lessons

Soon you’ll be the best cellist that you can be!

Retail pricing is $7.89 for Paperback

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