Butterfly Lace Camisole Yoke Filet Crochet Pattern

This timeless lace yoke was originally designed for a trousseau nightgown in 1920 by Addie May Bodwell. Fashions have changed a bit since then, and we can now wear our intimates on the outside, even in public!

This pattern book does not include an embroidery or sewing pattern, but has basic instructions on how to sew the yoke to a garment. You can use a simple ready-made garment, make a garment from a pattern, or use a simple fabric tube for the body. You can make a blouse as shown in the photo, or you can make a sleeveless camisole. All possibilities will end in a beautiful garment.

This is not your usual scanned vintage crochet pattern! To make this pattern great for today’s crocheter, I wrote complete instructions and made an easy to follow chart. I changed the written instructions to use modern US crochet terms and added a chart for more advanced crocheters.

The only stitches you need to know to complete this lace are: chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, double treble crochet, and slip stitch. You’ll need to use fairly small thread—size 30, 50 or 80—to make this piece. I recommend doing a gauge swatch before you begin.

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